Large-scale exercises of the Kremlin and the PRC began

Providing Chinese military equipment to the Russians, studying the experience of the occupation of Crimea and Donbass for a possible attack on Taiwan and Ukraine: large-scale exercises of the Kremlin and the PRC began

The halo of mystery under which the Russian-Chinese exercises “East / Interaction 2021” were prepared in the PRC has finally disappeared: Chinese propaganda began to scream about a de facto historical military alliance with the Russian Federation.

The first serious mentions of the Chinese version of the “East” (the Kremlin took place in the Russian Far East), which, in turn, is a reflection of the “West”, which will take place on the border with Ukraine in the fall of 2021, sounded during the July meeting of the invaders in Tashkent .

On it, Shoigu confirmed his participation in military exercises with the PRC, and the Communist Party of China once again announced a “new era” of friendship between Moscow and Beijing. The Russian army began to arrive in Ningxia district (near occupied southern Mongolia) last month, but real training began on Monday, August 9, 2021.
Along with this, a new wave of hysteria began about the eternal alliance between the PRC and the Russian Federation on the part of the Chinese propaganda.

However, this time everything is serious.
According to the Ukrainian-phobic garbage dump Global Times, the military alliance of Russia and China has reached a historic level of mutual trust (

The Chinese first attracted the Chengdu J-20 fighters, which are the “aviation pride” of the PRC, never before presented to the allies of communism; in turn, the Russians brought their Su-30 (SM).
Also, the Russians will “play” with the Chinese J-11, J-16 (multi-role fighters), JH-7A, H-6K (bombers), a large transport technique and the like.

Chinese and Russian military equipment of other levels will be used in the exercises: armored vehicles, self-propelled guns, howitzers, MLRS, auxiliary equipment for them, and drones and helicopters. Ground-to-air missile strikes will also be practiced.

The official number of recruited soldiers in the Chinese media is over 10,000. According to the Russian, – 13000. The military elite of the Russian Federation is also present at the exercises.

As noted in the propaganda of both states, it is said about the first case of massive use of Chinese equipment by the troops of the Russian Federation; only according to the official version, the Russians have already switched to Chinese self-propelled guns and infantry vehicles.

Most likely, Chinese equipment will go into service with the RF Armed Forces in the near future.
On the other hand, during the Kremlin exercises “Caucasus 2020”, the Chinese learned to use the main types of military equipment of the Russian Federation. And even earlier, the communists studied Russian methods of aggression during the Vostok-2018 and Center-2019 trainings.

In addition, the PRC confirmed its participation in “another close cooperation with the Russian Federation.” This is about the participation of the Chinese in the army games of the Kremlin in 2021, which will be held on the territory of Russia, Belarus, Uzbekistan and Iran from August 22 to September 4.

China’s participation in the West 2021 exercise, which will be held in mid-September 2021 in Belarus, near the border with Ukraine, is currently unknown; however, it can be assumed that if the PRC contingent participates in the so-called “games” in Belarus before September 4, then it will be left until September 10, when the provocative “West” should begin.

Among the official grounds for the exercise is “ensuring peace and stability in the region”.
However, many sources know that it is not just about training for the sake of “peace”.

Firstly, the PRC does not hide that it intends to use troops, together with Russia, in Afghanistan.
Quote GT: “The irresponsible US withdrawal from Afghanistan left a burden for the neighboring countries of Central Asia. As great powers, China and Russia must fulfill its role, jointly defend regional peace and stability and prevent the development of terrorist forces in the region. “

Secondly, the Chinese propaganda vigorously opposes the supply of the PRC-RF – the USA, which, according to the same GT, by its (sanctions) pressure on Moscow and Beijing caused their unification.


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