Ukrainian multipurpose attack drone presented in Kiev

The drone has no analogues in the world today. ACE ONE was created to protect the Ukrainian airspace

At the exhibition “Arms and Security-2021”, which is taking place in Kiev, showed a new Ukrainian drone ACE ONE.

“We have developed a new ultra-modern combat drone ACE ONE. There have never been such drones either in Ukraine or in the world. ACE ONE is number 1 in its class of combat drones that can carry weapons up to 1 ton. based on the latest technology-Stealth. Thanks to this, as well as its flat wing shape, the drone is virtually invisible to radars and it is difficult to calculate. ACE ONE speed is close to supersonic. It is 1000 km / h. The control is carried out using an artificial intelligence system that can manage a swarm of such drones “, – said one of the designers and project managers Alexander Los.

According to co-director of the project Vladimir Usov, the drone is designed to protect the airspace of Ukraine. For example, if a reconnaissance drone flies into the territory of our country, ACE ONE will be able to get close to it and destroy it. In addition, it can be used to quickly dash into enemy territory, where it will complete the task, and then return to the ground station.

25 of the best Ukrainian scientists and specialists in the field of the aerospace industry worked on the development of the drone. The chief designers of the project are the former president of the Antonov State Enterprise Alexander Los and the former head of the SSAU, a member of the International Academy of Cosmonautics Vladimir Usov.


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