Japan declares Taiwan family and prepares to wage war against China in case of communist invasion of the island

Japan declares Taiwan a family and prepares to wage war against China in the event of a communist invasion of the island

Democratic forces of the world continue to unite to repel the new “red threat”, which in the XXI century comes from the organic continuation of the USSR – communist China .

This time it’s not just about the diplomatic front. The United States and its key allies, particularly Japan, are ready for a real war if they cross the last red line, the Taiwan border.

According to Forbes, citing a Financial Times investigation, it is now becoming increasingly clear that Japan is ready to fight for Taiwan to the end (https://bit.ly/2SMqXww).

Both top articles say that the US and Japanese governments are already preparing a joint action plan in the event of a communist invasion of the Democratic Republic of Taiwan – which is not news. However, according to the latest investigation, Tokyo has decided to take part in a defensive war against China when the time comes.

According to analysts, the geography of Taiwan and Japan is so interconnected that it will be impossible to avoid clashes with the Chinese aggressor in the event of war.

The deployment of American troops in the territory of neighboring Japanese prefectures, which, according to international agreements, are obliged to protect the island from the CCP, also points to this conclusion.

When America begins to repel China from its Japanese bases, the Japanese army will join in suppressing the Chinese offensive, according to Forbes.

Let me remind you that recently a friend of Ukraine and Deputy Minister of Defense of Japan, Nakayama Yasuhide, has already stated that the world should repel the Russian-Chinese invaders. According to the article, Nakayama now explicitly states that Japan and Taiwan are one family, and Taiwan’s security and defense are identical to the security of the Japanese prefecture of Okinawa in the Ryukyu Islands (where the American bases are located).

Nakayama clearly outlines the question: “Taiwan and Japan are like nose and eyes. That is, they are very close.”

Further analysts explain that the US Pacific Fleet is slightly smaller than the Chinese. We are talking about 200 warships against 360 “boats” of the Communists. However, if the legendary Japanese fleet joins the American fleet, the forces become quantitatively equal. At the same time, qualitative superiority is completely on the side of democracy.

Journalists emphasize that the Japanese navy is extremely heavily armed.

In particular, under the flag of the rising sun there are more than 36 state-of-the-art destroyers and frigates (with the Aegis Ballistic Missile Defense System), as well as 22 of the world’s largest diesel-electric submarines. In addition, Japan is finalizing 2 aircraft carriers.

It is noted that for a long time China has a banal plan to invade Taiwan: first bomb the island, and then throw the Chinese army across the Taiwan Strait.

But experts say Taiwan has been preparing for a communist invasion for decades, preparing not only professional forces on land but also torpedoes, mines, artillery and missiles for China.

Now the Chinese are trying hard to invade Taiwan with spy missions to explore “available” ways to attack.

Moreover, China is trying to acquire more aircraft carriers to start the war against Taiwan, one of which is the Ukrainian aircraft carrier Varyag, which was sold in a corrupt manner by the Kravchuk-Kuchma regime to a Chinese communist proxy firm in Macau (the PLA officer in charge of the operation). against Ukraine, is now awarded medals and lives in Hong Kong).

Now the Communists have turned “Varyag” into “Liaoning”.

One of the scenarios involving aircraft carriers is the invasion through the Miyako Strait – in April 2021, “Liaoning” was already doing this maneuver for the purpose of provocations.


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