The National Bank now has a real apocalypse that will affect everyone

The National Bank is now in a real apocalypse that will affect everyone. Kyrylo Shevchenko finally became Arbuzov, and the Ukrainian banking system is going to a new rally, which will end in bankruptcy again – as in 2014. Only now will insurance companies and pawnshops enter this hole.

The changes are so tectonic that yesterday I did not have time to form a position as new data appeared.
Yesterday almost the entire management of one of the most key and largest departments of the National Bank – the NBU Licensing Department . Almost all managers, from the head of the department Oleksandr Bevz to the deputies of some departments, announced their resignation. I quote the reason for his resignation – “We refuse to deviate from the Principles, because we understand the CONSEQUENCES for the country it will lead to.” Nobody knows yet what the consequences will be, as the Licensing Department is one of the key ones. It’s not that they issued a license and then sit smoking – this department agreed on the management of all banks, market access for new banks and companies, checked changes in capital and shareholder structure, M&A, assessment of corpus management and much, much more. Therefore, the Department is one of the largest in the NBU. It was in this department that information from Prudence, supervision, monitoring and much more was transformed into the actual legal consequences voted by the NBU Board.

Vitaliy Vavryshchuk, Head of the Financial Stability Department, followed the Licensing Department (and in support of their position). The principles of financial stability with Kirill Shevchenko were also incompatible. Either one or the other. Vavryshchuk did not write a separate post, he simply joined the statement of the team of the Licensing Department. Similarly, in comments to Bevza’s post, Natalia Hudyma, Head of Projects and Programs of the Licensing Department, also announced her decision to leave the National Bank.

I interviewed the market – everyone is in a panic, because there are not “7 labor units”, according to the press service of the NBU – there are key employees who for years kept it all on their shoulders and beat the schemers.

The fact is that with such a mass layoff, it will simply not be possible to raise employees from lower levels, because almost everyone who made the decision has left. They left, realizing that they will not be allowed to make any more decisions, and will only need to sign the decisions made by someone else. Now we have to recruit new people from the outside. People with nice resumes who will sign anything.

Regular readers of my notes know that in the last year people have been dismissed from the NBU against their will, even if they submit an application stating that “I am asking to be dismissed of my own free will.” This is exactly the case.

The management of the Licensing Department has explicitly stated that they want to work in the National Bank. But they can’t, because they realize what will happen to the country if they work badly. And they are not allowed to work well. A good samurai in a situation of shame or death, always, without hesitation, chooses death. That’s what they chose.

And it’s almost not a figure of speech. Simultaneous public dismissal and a statement of the real reasons for the dismissal is a very bold step, given the circular guarantee in the banks and what potentially Cyril could cause them problems. That’s why everyone started to get fired at the same time: so that he could not catch up with everyone alone. Unlike Rozhkova, the NBU’s licensing department did not have the opportunity to send Kirill far away: their positions are unprotected, and they sign hundreds of documents every day.

Here is a list of people who have risked their careers to inform the whole country and the entire banking sector that VERY BIG PROBLEMS await us.

Director of the Licensing Department – Oleksandr Bevz – Deputy Director of the Department – Kateryna Zhebanova
Head of the Licensing Department of Banks and Credit Unions Dmytro Tkachuk and his Deputy Bohdan Ilchenko
Head of the Licensing Department of Insurance Companies Dmytro Smal
Head of the Department Romaniuk Vadym, Responsible for Financial Companies and Payment Systems
Deputy Head of Expert and Analytical Department Dasha Dashkevych and Chief Experts of this Department Evgen Vorobyov and Stefan Dzhenkov
Project and Program Manager of the Licensing Department Natalia Hudyma
Director of the Financial Stability Department National Bank Vitaliy Vavryshchuk


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