“Sluha Narodu” continue to support the Chinese Communist Party

“People’s Servants” continue to support Chinese Communist Party : crave Chinese “party structure”, military model, “easy money” and “revenge” for the EU, the US and the Western world

After David Arahamia’s “historic” statement about his intention to turn “servants of the people” into the Chinese Communist Party, the “servants” began to acquit the faction chairman en masse. Unfortunately, their attempts reveal an even more terrible truth about where the team of comedian Zelensky is taking us.
of our European liberal family ALDE, a student and apostate Hetmantsev in the financial committee – Alexei Ustenko, as well as Yuri Kamelchuk, who claimed that the Chinese virus does not exist.

In a comment to the Apostrophe channel, People’s Deputy Yuri Kamelchuk said that the “Servant of the People” should take as a basis the Chinese party “structure”, because it “contributed to economic growth.”
Kamelchuk objected that communism existed in China, calling the CCP’s rule capitalism. He also stated that “this is recognized by all states.”

In addition, the aforementioned MP said that Ukraine would follow the example of China in “protecting national interests”, “scaling up economic influence” and “capturing markets”. On the Uighur genocide, Kamelchuk said that “such principles should not be inherited,” but immediately stressed that others should be inherited, such as the economic model or “research principles.”

Finally, Kamelchuk adds that “military defense” should be studied in China.
Translating into the language of the democratic world, I will explain what Kamelchuk said. He stated that there was no cult of Marxism-Leninism in China, Mao and Xi Jinping; there are no huge sickles and hammers; there is no mass communist propaganda that provides for forced “re-education” in concentration camps; as well as the communist totalitarian country as a whole, does not see the presence of social ratings, genocides, occupation, terror and the like.

He declares in all seriousness that Ukraine must defend “national interests” like China: occupy the territories of other states, grossly violate international law, kidnap democratic citizens, spy on the United States, the EU, NATO and other allies of freedom, create global fakes and to pursue a hysterical policy of “wolf warriors”.

The MP believes that we must “colonize” African, Asian and Latin American countries to “scale economic influence” – in order to seize foreign sovereignty, to reproduce the “victory of communism over capitalism and imperialism”, as Xi Jinping promises. This “servant” convinces Ukrainians that we need to abandon research ethics in order to be like in China: to conduct experiments on people, to engage in black transplantation at the state level, to conduct dangerous experiments with cloning. Or – to establish total censorship in the academic sphere, so that materials criticizing the methods of the ruling party never appear in the scientific community. Moreover, he proposes to steal technology from Western allies in order to create mass mechanisms of war and enslavement.

Kamelchuk completes the “communist confession” with a desire to have an army, as in China. The army, called the People’s Liberation Army of China (Liberation from the imperialism and capitalism of the Republic of China), which has occupied dozens of territories, committed mass crimes against humanity, and now threatens Taiwan, Japan, South Korea, Australia and the United States. The army, which is the Kremlin’s main ally.

And that’s all – if very briefly.

Kamelchuk’s ideas are also picked up by Evgenia Kravchuk, who on the air of the pro-Russian trash can “NASH” says that “Servant of the People” are centrists, who, however, praise the economic opportunities of China.

Kravchuk calls the EU a major trading partner, “but that’s because the EU is a collection of countries,” pointing out that there is only one major partner country for Ukraine, China. Finally, Kravchuk ridiculed US-China relations, and repeated the mantra that iPhones are assembled in China. According to her logic, this should open the door to the CCP for Ukraine.


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