If we do not force the regime to completely abandon these intentions, the consequences could be dire.

The mouthpiece of the communist propaganda Global Times announced “Ukraine’s abandonment” of the Euro-Atlantic path (and published a shameful cartoon of Zelensky)

The withdrawal of the signature by the Zelensky regime from the list of democratic states that supported the opposition to the communist genocide of the Uyghur people in the UN Human Rights Council turned into a geopolitical scandal.

Over the course of two days, Chinese propaganda (in synergy with Russia) in one way or another reports on the establishment of a “strategic partnership” between Ukraine and the PRC, appealing to the Foreign Ministry and Kuleba.
However, yesterday’s articles on the main international media outlet Global Times , which is called the English-speaking voice of Xi Jinping, crossed the red line (https://bit.ly/3dE7fKT).

First, the communists ridiculed the document (from which Ukraine came out) to protect the Uyghur people, initiated by Canada, Australia, Japan and a number of other civilizational allies of Ukraine in the fight against the “Russian world”.

Then the CCP stated that Ukraine “uselessly” counted on the support of the West in opposing Russia, and since the democratic world “did not provide” Ukraine with assistance and “security guarantees”, the Zelensky regime decided to take revenge on the Western world by going over to the side of the PRC. p>

Further – worse.
The PRC presents “the change in the attitude of Ukraine” in the UN document as a manifestation of the “artificiality” of the pro-democratic alliance, and declares that in fact the West is not important democratic values, because behind everything there are “several countries “(an allusion to Canada, USA, UK, Japan and Australia). That is, the fact that “Ukraine changed the West” is presented as a complete victory for Chinese politics.

Further – even worse.
Several paragraphs are devoted to the ugly attack on Canada (closer to which Ukraine is only Lithuania, which, by the way, the same publication promised to “punish in every possible way” last week). China accuses Canada of “genocide” and crimes against humanity. They add that the world is led “not by Canada, but by China.” China has never blackmailed Ukraine. “

Further direct speech from the embassy:
“As an independent sovereign country and an important player in Europe, Ukraine made decisions on its own position, which considers it wrong to interfere in the internal affairs of other countries.” that Zelenskiy’s regime deliberately betrayed all of Ukraine’s allies, from Canada to Japan, from the EU to NATO.

Then the embassy boasts that it provided Ukraine with the largest number of vaccines (purchased in a corrupt way through Bogatyreva’s pads), and “the Chinese vaccine has won the trust of the Ukrainian as reliable and safe than the impact on the positive perception of Ukrainian vaccines in general.” >

The fact that the PRC at the highest level of propaganda began to work with such statements is a geopolitical catastrophe, which may be a harbinger of a change in Ukraine’s course from the Atlantic to the “Sino-Russian world”.

Indeed, over the past week, we learned about dozens of deals between the Zelensky regime and the Chinese communists aimed at fully strengthening the presence of the Chinese in the Ukrainian economy, education and politics.

If we do not force the regime to completely abandon these intentions, the consequences can be dire.


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