Academician Pyotr Tolochko and Ukrainianophobic interviews

While researching Russian propaganda, I periodically stumble upon obscurant, Ukrainian-phobic interviews with academician Pyotr Tolochko. Somehow I didn’t pay attention to them, but now I wondered – how did it happen that this person who professes openly fascist views (states, for example, that Ukrainians were invented, and in fact we are Russians), is an academician of the National Academy of Sciences Ukraine? Russian chauvinist Glazyev was stripped of the title of academician back in 2016, and Tolochko was also “honorary director of the Institute of Archeology of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine”. How is this possible?

In general, the figure of Tolochko suggests an idea, what is our today’s Academy of Sciences? About UAH 5 billion is allocated for its maintenance annually, but what are they spent on? Has anyone heard of scientific discoveries or developments of the National Academy of Sciences in recent years? What are they doing there today? There is a lot of money for the maintenance of this farm, but all that we see in the media is the performances of the wicked academician Tolochko on Russian TV. Why do my taxes go to this game?

Today NAS is one of the largest managers of state real estate and land plots. How effectively the officials manage this real estate, located mainly in the central parts of large cities, can be understood from publications in the media of this kind.

If you are too lazy to follow the links, then I will say briefly – the state premises of the National Academy of Sciences are simply leased to entrepreneurs for bribes. Why are these premises even needed if they are empty and are given to the business? What are the personnel they are on actually doing? There are no answers to these questions.

Today, the National Academy of Sciences is more often mentioned in connection with corruption and scandals than in connection with scientific activities. It is not right. It is high time to stir up this swamp and carry out a tough revision there. I am sure that UAH 5 billion can be spent on science with greater efficiency than now.


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